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Walter Furlan - “Hommage to Picasso” - Portrait of Marie Therese


Original glass sculpture, signed and titled by the artist in the clear red and coloured glass

Size: Height 16 /14” x 18” inches

Note 1: This work depicts Marie Therese Walter , the long time lover Picasso and is similar in portrayal to numerous paintings by Picasso. Furlan was born near Venice and at an early age went to work in the VAMSA glassworks where the learned the technique of sculpting glass “a masello” which infuses colour into pure crystal giving it brightness, vibrant colour and power. Whilst still a young man Furlan met Picasso and later, in 1963, Picasso attended his show at the Murano glass exhibition. Much of Furlan’s work is “after Picasso” depicting interpretations of his paintings in coloured glass. He was encouraged by Picasso himself to do this.

Edition: Unnumbered. Furlan’s works were always made from very small editions and we believe few pieces exist similar to this.