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Jorge Camacho is an established Cuban artist that works in the surrealist style. He belongs to what is called the Third Generation of Cuban painters, who like other artists of his generation, developed ideas of the abstract that would impact the world. His art is influenced by painters such as Tamayo, Miro, Bacon, Tanguy and, of course, Wifredo Lam, who played a large part in his childhood.

On his trip to Paris in 1959 Andre Breton invited him to participate in surrealist gatherings and activities. In 1967 he returned to Cuba to work at el Salon de Mayo. During his stay in Cuba he met Reinaldo Arenas and launched a solo exhibition. Driven by a spirit always thirsty for knowledge, he began studying alchemy upon his return to Europe. This experience would later be reflected in his work, along with his study of birds, music and literature.

Jorge Camacho, with perfect treatment of line and color, develops paintings that nurture the profound elements rooted in his unconscious, a sum of traditions and distinctive Latin American cultural rituals and traits

With a precise use of line and color Jorge Camacho creates paintings that address Latin American traditions and cultures. He uses bony figures and totem pole-like structures to represent the elements of mystery and symbolism involved in Latin American rituals.