Art Consultancy

We can offer an Art Consultancy service for those who wish to develop and create an Art Collection, decorate a home or an office. There are many outlets specialising in Modern and Contemporary works but our forte is in “School of Paris” -- 

original drawings, prints and ceramics. It is an area which we have been involved in for very many years 

and developed an expertise around.

Many prominent collectors acquire art with a theme and this is something which we can help with. Over a period of time working with a collector we can discuss a brief and a budget to work for searching for the sort of works which fit nicely into the desired location and at the price which the buyer is willing to pay. These works might come from our Dealing stock or from a variety of other sources such as other specialist dealers, auctions and overseas galleries. 

With our extensive international contacts we might not own the work you are looking for but 

may well know someone who has it - and at the right price too.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements taking an initial brief and seeking to acquire the right works, 

in the desired time span and at the right price.