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Sir Terry Frost - Serenissimo - Glass Vase - A tribute to Venice and the Lagoon


Hand Blown Murano cased glass vase, 2001, with applied black, blue and yellow glass “brush strokes”. Signed, titled and dated “Venice 2001”. The artist was present and participated in the manufacture of this work.

Size: 30 x 22 CM's

Note: Sir Terry Frost was a distinguished artist whose abstract work was an important part of the St Ives School. His work made in Murano, Venice, is well known. He made a quantity of glassworks as a result of visiting Venice at this period where he was enthralled by the quality and dexterity of the artisans he met. There artist himself did not merely design this but was present and participated in the making of this piece. Glassworks are an important and documented part of his oeuvre and similar to his other abstract works in nature. Their intricacy of deign and brilliant execution make these desirable and lovely objects.

Edition: AP II/II. In fact only two works of this design were made - there was no Public Edition besides the Artists Proofs. The reality was that each was hand crafted by the Murano Multiple crafts,man so each was slightly different and a unique work in it’s own right.


  1. We have a photograph of the artist, Sir terry Frost, holding this very item.
  2. We have a certificate from the Publishers which the buyer acquires with the work

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