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Salvador Dali - “Sphinge” au verso “Etude de portrait de femme”


Original pencil on verge gris paper, circa 1955, inscribed in top right centre “12” , with apocryphal signature in black ink, With the stamp of the Perrot-Moore Museum, Cadaques, verso

Authentication: Certificate from Nicolas Descharnes dated 31/7/2019 Archive number d6931

Note on Provenance: John Peter Moore, A former British Army captain , first met Dalí in 1956 when he was working with film producer and director Alexander Korda in Rome, and arranged for him to be paid in cash for a painting of Laurence Olivier as Richard III. The two became friends. In 1960 Dalí employed Moore as his personal secretary and, from 1965, as his business manager. Together with Dalí's wife, Gala, they travelled regularly to New York for the winter, Paris for the spring, and Cadaqués, in northern Spain, for the summer. Moore made money for Dalí through his merchandising schemes. "I was Goldfinger to Dalí," Moore said later. "I suggested he make graphics, lithographs, bed sheets, shoes, socks, ties anything saleable.” Although he was replaced in 1975, he maintained good relations with Dalí and Gala. With his wife, Catherine Perrot, he opened the Perrot-Moore Museum in Cadaqués in 1978 to show his collection of Dalís to the public. Some were gifts from the artist, others he had acquired through dealers, collectors or auctions. In 2003, aged 85 and with his reputation under fire, Moore closed the museum. He had no children and has decided to sell. Most works were sold at a huge auction in Paris organised by Artcuriel. Items coming from this source have, therefore, a direct link to Dali himself. Most if not all the works were stamped with the Museum stamp which can be seen on our work.

Size: 22.7 x 30.3 cms

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