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Salvador Dali - La Belleza de las Esculturas Purgatorio, Canto XII


Silk scarf, 1988, signed in the print and annotated “La Belleza de las Esculturas. Purgatorio - Canto XII

Edition: Unknown size.

Condition: In good condition.

Publisher: Les Heures Claires, July 1988

Note: Les Heures Claires were publishers of Dali’s seminal work “The Divine Comedy” which was a series of 100 woodcuts. They also published a series of silk scarves in the same design of which this is an example.

Authenticity: The scarf is provided in it’s box of issue and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Publisher which reads as follows: “La Diuvina Comedia Foulards. Salvador Dali. Que el present Foulard de dimension 90 x 90 cm. estampado en sea, se ha realised begun centred de acuerdo con SALVADOR DALI de fete 12 de Julio de 1981 y contract con La Society Editions D’Art Les Heueres Claire. Del Seis Julio 1988 “La Belleza de las Esculturas Purgatorio” Canto XII

Size: 900 x 900 mms

Category Salvador Dali