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Pablo Picasso - Portrait of Raymond Radiguet


Original lithograph, lithographic crayon drawing on transfer paper, December 17th 1920. The drawing was not transferred : it was reproduced by collotype process.

Edition: 1100. There were also impfrerssions on other papers making a total print rum of 1370

Size: 116 x 100 mms

Printed by: F Paillart, Abbeyville (Somme),

References: Cramer 13 , Mourlot 111 , Bloch 38

Note: Raymond Radiguet, who was born in 1903, was the child prodigy of the Cubist and and Dadaist avante garde and was a protege of Andre Salmon, Max Jacob, Andre Breton and, particularly, Jean Cocteau. In 1920 he published his first collection of poems entitled “Les joues en feu”. The youth however suffered from ill health and died in 1923 aged only 20 years. Picasso attended a ceremony in his honour and his burial at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Shortly after his death Grassnet published the complete collection of Radriguet's poems .

The Lithograph was on the frontispiece of the book “Les Joues en Feu” by Raymond Radriguet, published posthumously in 1925. This work was enriched with this original Lithograph by Picasso. The justification has been preserved as has the frontispiece of the book and is sold with the Lithograph attached verso.