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Pablo Picasso - Picador II


Original Lithograph, 4/21/1961, in 23 colours, on Arches paper, signed by the artist in pencil.

Edition: 50

References: Bloch, Georges. Pablo Picasso, catalogue de l'oeuvre gravé et lithographié, 4 vol.

Berne: Kornfeld and Klipstein. 1968-1979. Bloch 1017

Cramer (Livres Illustres) : Number: 113 ; Mourlot 350

Published by: André Sauret, Éditeur, Monte Carlo;

Printed by: Mourlot Freres, France

Size: 264 x 209 mms (Image size) ; 317 x 245 mms (Paper size)

Edition: 16/50 There were also 15 signed artists proofs on the same paper. The book included, within text, a large edition of this Lithograph and 4 black and white ones, all unsigned.

Public Collections:  An example is in the Collection of the Musee Picasso at Barcelona, dedicated to Sabartes and dated “Paris, le 14.1.53”

Note: Picasso was fascinated by the Corrida and often attended Bullfights. In 1961 the artists Secretary, Jaime Sabres, published the book “A Los Toros aves Picasso”. To accompany the book Picasso made a suite of 3 black and white and one colour lithographs. Unsigned and unnumbered were included within the text of the book which was made in a large edition. In addition to these separate suites, of all 4 pieces, were made in an edition of 50 signed and numbered works from which our example comes. When first presented the Publisher, Andre Sauret, asked Fernand Mourlot to suggest to the artist the “he put a little colour in the plates”. Picasso obliged by colouring “Le Picador” with wax crayons from a box of 24. Fernand Mourlot told proudly that his atelier succeeded the difficult task of printing 24 colours - plus black - that the artist had used. He concluded: “This time, I believe, it was our great friend (Picasso) who was a little surprised”

Provenance: Private Estate Collection: Ft. Lauderdale, FL.