Pablo Picasso - Nu a la chaise


Original Lithograph in colours, Vallauris 18/3/1954, in 4 colours (blue, green, violet and black), each executed with lithographic crayon on transfer paper, then transferred to stone, on Arches paper, dated in the stone above right, signed by the artist in pencil

Edition: 50

Size: I. 25 x 15,5 cm. S. 50,5 x 38 cm.


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Note: We have seen a signed photograph by Andre Villers entitled “Picasso en Popeye” which shows a humorous depiction of the artist dressed up as Popeye the Sailor Man with his fancy hat and beard. It is a very well known work. In the background, middle right, it can be seen that a copy of our lithograph, unframed, is hanging on the wall.