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Pablo Picasso - Dans l’argile de Picasso


Original Linocut, 1957, printed in colours, Wrappers with the Linocut on the front cover and lettering on the back cover, undated and unsigned. The back of the book (visible through a window mount) reads “Imprimerie Arena AV. G-Clemenceau Vallauris A-M. Depot Legal Troisieme Trimester 1957”


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Edition: There was a book Edition of 200 copies. Two impressions, signed and numbered, were given to the owner by the artist at the time the linocut was proofed. The first impression was sold at Sotheby's London, 5th of December 1984, lot 227

Size:  Image size: 78 x 13 cms

Printed by : Arnera, Vallauris

Note:   This book, dedicated to Pablo Picasso, was published by the young poet Henri-Dante Alberti on the 10th anniversary of Picasso’s arrival in Vallauris. It contains 25 poems, the first three of which refer to Picasso directly (L’Homme sum Mouton”; “Mystere Picasso” and “Ole Picasso”). It also includes an address to the reader dated at Vallauris in July 1957 and a preface in which the author evokes the misery of Vallauris before the arrival of Picasso who revitalised the little town’s traditional craft of pottery. The frontispiece, a photograph by Edward Quinn, shows the nineteen years old poet with Vallauris in the background. The linocut, on the front cover, is framed not showing the book behind it. It depicts four figures playing ball.

Condition: In very good condition.