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Ludovic Rodo Pissarro - Studies of amusing faces


Original drawing in pen and ink signed by the artist with his monogram and dedicated to Madame Renard Honore.

Provenance: We acquired this with a large group of drawings by Ludovic Rodo Pissarro. These came from a dealer in Paris who had bough them in his “succession sale”. The archive consisted of a very large number of studies made , probably, between the end of the First World War and the late 1940’s. Ludovic was the son of Camille Pissarro and, although not as famous as his illustrious father, his drawings are of good quality and style. They are at least affordable.

Note: This amusing drawing shows 13 comical faces. In all likelihood they are caricatures of people known both to the artist and the lady to whom he dedicated the piece.

Size: 14 x 21 cms