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L S Lowry - A Hillside


Original Lithograph, in black & white with a tint background, 1967, on Arches paper, signed by the artist in black crayon, also in the stone.

Edition: 75

Literature: Henry Donn: The Illustrated Editions of L S Lowry Number 3

Published by:  Ganymede Original Editions, London

Printed by: M.E. Wolsensberger, A.G. Zurich.

Public Collections: Tate Gallery, London - https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/lowry-a-hillside-p03268

Size: Paper size: 65 x 62 cms - Image size: 47 × 60.4 cm

Note: Most of the works by this famous and notable artist are, in fact, reproductions or Offset Lithographs. These were usually made In large editions and often the colours faded. The 16 Lithographs published by Ganymede, of which this is an example, are the only Original Prints the artist made and therefor in considerable demand.

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