David Hockney - Ossie & Mo


Original Etching in black, 1968, on Crisbrook handmade paper, with full margins, signed by the artist in pencil

Size: Plate size: 324 x 355 mms; Paper size: 50.2 x 50.2 cms

Edition: 75. There were also 16 artists proofs

Published by:  Petersburg Press, London and New York, 1969

Note: Raymond "Ossie" Clark (9 June 1942 – 6 August 1996) was a British fashion designer who was a major figure in the Swinging Sixties scene in London and the fashion industry in that era. Clark is now renowned for his vintage designs by present-day designers. In the late 1960s, Clark hit a rich vein for his flamboyant clothing range. The fashion press dubbed Ossie the "King of King's Road". Ossie Clark is featured in David Hockney’s 1970 painting Mr & Mrs Cklark and Percy.

David Hockney met Mo McDermott while studying at the Royal College of Art in London in 1961. Mo, who was a sculptor, quickly became Hockney's model and latterly his assistant. He introduced Hockney to Celia Birtwell who went on to become the wife of Ossie Clark and a lifelong friend and muse of David Hockney. Ossie and Mo were great friends during the “Swinging Sixties”

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