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Damien Hirst - H10-4 Suiko


Laminated Giclée print on aluminium composite panel, February 2022, screen printed with glitter, signed by the artist verso with printed signature

Size: 100 x 100 cms

Edition: Each piece has its own unique number and is digitally signed by the artist on the reverse of the artwork. The offer lasted for one week and then closed. The numbers ordered in that time created this edition size

Note: The striking Empresses prints are constructed of beautiful images of red butterfly wings, which are intricately arranged with a filigree of red glitter to produce visually intoxicating kaleidoscope-like effects. The prints are named after five exceptionally influential female rulers: Wu Zetian, Nūr Jahān, Theodora, Suiko and Taytu Betul. Their characters and stories are enhanced by the dominant red tone of the series, which deals with themes such as life, war, power, anger, love, joy and luck.

Empress Suiko (推古天皇, Suiko-tennō) (554 – 628) was the 33rd monarch of Japan. In the history of Japan Suiko was the first of eight women to take on the role of Empress Regnant .

Publisher: Heni Editions

Category Damien Hirst