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Beautiful Big Whopper Hooters Bang Bang Whoop Whoop ...


Title: Beautiful Big Whopper Hooters Bang Bang Whoop Whoop Lights on Green Go Go Go Ye Ha Ye Ha Spin Painting 

Medium: Acrylic Circular Spin Painting on paper, 2010, signed by the artist verso

Size: 18 Inches (457.2 mms) diameter.

Note: The work is one of Hirst's legendary spin paintings, the first of which he painted in 1992. Each brightly coloured spin painting has an elongated title that begins with 'Beautiful' and ends with 'Painting' and belies the childlike nature of the works which were made using a spin machine.

There is a label verso from Science, Hirsts Gallery. It was framed by Darbyshire in White Lion Street. A window cut verso shows the artists large signature and the Science reference number.


1) Science, 14 Welbeck Street, London W1 - Damien Hirst Gallery. Their label shows the reference DHS 1390

1) Private Collection

2) 12/4/2019 Sothebys - Contemporary Art Online - Lot 29

3) Private Collection

Category Damien Hirst