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Banksy - Ukraine Stamp and Postcard, 2023


Offset lithographic postcard with stamp and inkstamp, issued by The National Post Office of Ukraine -from the unnumbered edition of 250,000 in sheets of 6 stamps.

9 1/10 × 8 4/5 in | 23 × 22.4 cm / 45 x 36 x 3.5 cm (framed)

A block of 6 postage stamps framed together with the Limited Edition postcard of issue and its envelope which goes with it. These are foraged with photo corners so that the stamps remain in absolute mint condition.

The Ukrainian postal service Ukrposhta released a stamp  in 2023, featuring an image by British artist Banksy and the words FCK PTN! to mark one year since the start of the war in Ukraine.

The artwork, which is an allegory of Ukraine defeating Rusia by "pinning it to the mat", was originally drawn by Banksy on the wall of a destroyed house in Borodyanka.

The stamps feature the words FCK PTN! in Cyrillic lettering – the alphabet used by Slavic-speaking people – in the bottom left corner.

According to Ukrposhta, the anonymous artist Banksy travelled to Borodyanka in the autumn of 2022 and graffitied a number of buildings in the town, which had been destroyed by Russian shelling in the spring of 2022.

After the town was seized, Ukrainian officials accused the Russians of committing mass war crimes there.

The image used on the stamp references Russian president Vladimir Putin's love of judo. He is known to be a black belt in the martial art form.

The image is an allegory of Ukraine defeating Russia

The first stamp sheets were unveiled at the main post office in Kyiv. Each stamp can be used to send a letter weighing up to 50 grams within the country.

In total, Ukrposhta has released 250,000 sheets of six stamps. An envelope, postcard, folder, frame and hoodie have also been released in conjunction with the stamp. A percentage of each sale will be donated to educational institutions affected by the war.

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