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Alberto Giacometti - Quarantacinque disegni di Alberto


Publisher: Giulio Einaudi Editore, Torino - in 1963

Edited by : Lamberto Vitali, and with a foreword by Jean Leymarie.

Edition: 100 - The edition published was 1245 copies, numbered from 1 to 1245. The Deluxe edition of 100 (our example 23/100) includes an original lithograph by Alberto Giacometti, numbered and signed, made especially for this edition. Five copies « hors commerce » have been printed also, numbered from I to V, also including the lithograph, and intended for the artist, the publisher and the authors. The very high quality reproductions, by special process of photoengraving, were made after original drawings

Reference: http://contrefacon.fondation-giacometti.fr/include/fichiers/en-fac-simile-einaudi.pdf

Provenance: Galleria Massimo Minini, Brecia, Italy (An original signed certificate is sold to the buyer off this work)

Condition: Some staining on the cover of the book - otherwise in excellent condition. The lithograph is in very good condition.

Details of the original Lithograph:

Title: Diego

Medium: Original Lithograph, 1963, on Arches watermarked paper, signed by the artist in pencil

Edition: 100

Size: 629 x 470 ,mms (24,75” x 18.5” Inches)

Published by: Einaudi, Torino, Italy

Reference: Herbert C Lust “Alberto Giacometti : The Complete Graphics” Number 39, page 52