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after Pablo Picasso - Paloma de la paz


Dove of Peace

Bronze broach, 1954, signed Picasso/Lavrillier

Size:   2.8 cms diameter

Note:  http://www.lavrillier.com/portfolio-items/andre-lavrillier-pablo-picasso-medaille-de-la-paix-1950

This was made after Picasso’s bronze prototype “Medaille de la Paix” engraved by Andre Lavrillier after his drawing for the World Congress of Peace at Stockholm in 1950 which was protesting against the use of nuclear weapons. That medal was made in different sizes and often had the name of a participant in the campaign verso. Cufflinks and broaches were also made of which ours is an example.

Andre Lavrillier (1885-1958) was a noted engraver of medals and even designed some coins, such as a 56 Franc piece, for the French Government.

Edition:  Made in an unknown edition size