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after Pablo Picasso -- from a selection of unsigned linocuts


Linocuts in colours, 1962, unsigned (as always)

Size: 385 x 319 mms (Paper size) each

Published by: Harry N Abrams, Inc, New York, 1962

Note: In 1962 Harry Abrams published a work “Picasso Linocuts: Bacchanals, women, bulls & Bullfighters” which was illustrated by a series of beautiful linocuts of which this is an example. The prototoypes had been made by Picasso, as original prints, in different sizes, signed and numbered. This book was made with linocuts illustrating these and the originals were loaned to Abrams by the Galerie Louise Leiris, Picasso’s Gallery, in order that the copying work could be done. The individual plates are beautifully produced and extremely decorative. The copies are of a very high standard.

Note 2: The prototype for this work was published by Galerie Louis Leiris in 1959 in an edition of 50 signed and numbered proofs. Image s are illustrated in Karshan p.3, 10, 15,16, 27, 28, 48, 49, 76 and  Bloch 905, 912, 913, 914, 923, 928, 929, 947, 948

 Le Vase des fleurs


 Picador et Cheval

Plante aux Toritos

Tete de Femme

Mother, Dancer and Musician

Picador, Femme et Cheval

Femme au collier

Tete de femme de profil

Price: £99 each unframed