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after Jean-Michel Basquiat - Affiche Lithographique


Lithograph in colours, 1997, on Arches paper, an unsigned work. Below it gives the details of the original painting which the piece represents and shows the copyright of the Estate of Jean_Michel Basquiat.

Printed by: Unknown

Published by:  The Basquiat Estate , Enrico Navarra Gallery, Paris Mitsukoshi Museum of Art, Shinjuku, Japan

Size: 76 × 56 cm

Note:  This was made after the artists death and was published with the approval of his estate.The Joint-Publisher, Enrico Navarra Gallery, was founded in 1989 by Enrico Navarra and now run by his son Doriano, is based between Paris and Le Muy. The gallery has always promised works by this artist and held multiple exhibitions of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work around the world, from Taiwan in 1996 to Château La Coste in 2019, via Cotonou in 2007, Beijing (2006), Shanghai (2006), Mexico City (2004), Havana (2000), Naples (1999), Venice (1999), Recife (1998), Buenos Aires (1998), Vancouver (1997), Tokyo (1997) and Seoul (1997).

Edition: From an edition of unknown size.

Condition: In good condition