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Salvador Dali authentication

Salvador Dali authentication

Robert Descharnes (1926-2014), was well known as the biographer of the artist Salvador Dali, although his relationship was deeper and shared artistic projects with him. On the death of Dali his will left Descharnes without proper remembrance after a lawsuit that never could eclipse the connection between them.

The last secretary of Dali also headed a movement to collect signatures so that the genius could be buried in the Pubol palace next to Gala, instead of the Figueres Teatre-Museu.

Descharnes met Dali in 1950, when they were in the same boat returning from the United States. The painter was travelling with his wife Gala. The relationship between them started because of Salvador Dali’s interest in Descharnes’ knowledge of photography, thus initiating their mutual collaboration.

Through this collaboration, Descharnes accumulated more than 60,000 negatives in which he portrayed the daily life and eccentricities of Dali, as well as numerous manuscripts, videos and sound tracks of the artist, which helped Descharnes become an expert in the artist’s work. This knowledge aided him in writing several books and even made him one of the authorised representatives of the artist whenever the police and the justice system needed someone to identify Dali’s work.

Far away from Cadaques, in Murcia, the Archaeological Museum is the scene of an exposition composed of more than 130 images of Salvador Dali taken by Robert Descharnes.

In 2007, two decades after the artist’s death, Descharnes had a photography exhibit in the Cadaques Museum where he exhibited a small part of his personal collection. “My photographs provide a rigorous historical testimony about this chief supporter of surrealism and his art”, he explained in the showcase, in which he added that although Dali is a universal artist his work cannot be fully understood without the geοgraphic references of Cadaques and Cap de Creus.

In the presentation of the exposition, Descharnes explained that he conserved the nasal tubes through which Dali was fed during the last days of his life. “I did it to preserve DNA samples. I have taken them to the United States so scientists can obtain Dali’s genetic code, and it can be compared to other geniuses, such as Leonardo Da Vinci”, added the photographer.

Nicolas Descharnes: Founder and administrator of the D&D photo library and of the Eccart company, worked with Robert Descharnes, his father, in authenticating Salvador Dalí's originals.

From his experience in the organisation of events dedicated to Dalí and his work, he has a dynamic knowledge at the service of an exceptional memory and an eye for his research of expertise.

Expertise requires experience and knowledge of the work, but also of the artist himself. Nicolas Descharnes spent years in Cadaquès and frequently met Salvador Dali during working sessions and for him, the image speaks for itself, tells, is part of history.

Today it is necessary to obtain experts' certificates to authenticate original drawings by well known artists. The certificate of Nicolas Descharnes is universally recognised for this purpose. 
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