Victor Vasarely - Transparency


Original "kinetic object" silkscreen, on transparent plexiglass and on black board panel multiple diptych, in black and white, 1968/1969, signed with the artist’s signature stamp. Executed after a collage by the same title, made in 1953 and exhibited under the title: Photographisms. This takes the form of 2 square plaques, mounted on a perspex stand.

Edition: An unnumbered proof outside the edition

Provenance: Collection of the noted collector Tibor Csepei. Csepei was a musician who first met the artist in 1980 and was made manager of his artwork in Hungary. In 1981 he organized a large scale exhibition of his works in Paris followed by further exhibitions in Budapest, Madrid, Vienna, Hamburg, Prague, Bratislava, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Sofia, Bucharest, Moscow, Kiev, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and New Delhi. He has written extensively on the subject of Vasarely's art.

Reference: Vasarely Editions du Griffon Neuchatel, V.IV, No.89

Size: 305 x 240 mms

Condition report. Generally in good condition with minot scratches on the plexiglass. There are a series of grooves by which the printed screen can be raised and lowered. The fit of the objects into each other is not exact but when properly assembled does not show. We believe this to be a manufacturing fault.