Tom Wesselmann - Seascape, 1984


Porcelain multiple in colours, mounted onto board (as issued), engraved with signature (front), signed with Applied manufacturer's label to verso including date, edition and signature: [Rosenthal Limitierte Kunstreihen Germany Jahresobjekt in Porzellan 1984

Size: I. 15 3/4 x 17 1/2 in. (40 x 44.5 cm); S. 19 x 20 1/2 in. (48.3 x 52.1 cm)

Edition: 500 (Numbered verso)

Published by: “Rosenthal limitierte kunstreihen”, Germany

Notes: The artist created a prototype woodcut from a series called “Drop Outs” begun in 1967. Writing under the pseudonym of Slim Stealingworth, Wesselman describes these works in Tom Wesselman, New York, 1980, as follows:   “ ... the central image, a breast, was omitted from the shaped canvas, while the nipple and areola were retained ... These Seascapes are negative shapes. The shape is the shape one sees, for example, while lying alongside a woman who is seated on the beach. One can look up and see the opening formed by her breast, rib cage, and stomach on one side; by her descending arm on the other side; and by her thigh on the bottom. As can happen on a bright beach, the flesh drops away in this moment of awareness of the glimpse into the sunlit background, although the nipple stays a part of the scene because of its colour, form, and importance as a focus (pp.52–6)”