The 97th Birthday and retrospective of Marc Chagall


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Vintage Silver Gelatin print, 6/7/1984. Printed and written verso

Note: The translation reads "In honour of Marc Chagall, a lunch was offered at the farmhouse at Aubigny. The master had at his right his wife, Vava, and at his left Fransoise Maeght (daughter of Adrien Maeght). Many friends and collectors were invited to this luncheon. Then they went to the Chagall private pre-view of the first retrospective of his works. Madame Daniele Mitterrand, Jack Lang, Adrien Maeght attended the ceremony, held at the Maeght Foundation" and "Phto: Perre Vauthey" Our shot is a close up of just the artist. There is a similar piece we found on the webb and this shows the shot was taken on July 6th 1984 in Paris, France.  

Size: 200 x 300 mms