Sir Terry Frost - Bloom around red


Unique Monotype print in colours, 1990, printed on Bokingford 400 gsm paper, the full sheet, with no margins

Printed by: Hugh Stoneman & Alan Cox at the Print Centre, London

Size: 1200 x 1190 mms (47.25 x 46.75 inches)

Exhibitions: Austen Desmond Gallery: “Terry Frost Monotypes for a 75th Birthday”, Huxham, 1990. Our piece was number 9 in the catalogue.

Literature: Austen/Desmond Fine Art - “Monotypes for a 75th Birthday” - The buyer obtains this with the piece.The exhibition consisted of 24 different works.

Note: To describe the procedure for making Monotypes we would quote from the Catalogue: “A Monotype is a unique image. Although associated with the art of printmaking, it’s characteristics are those of the drawn line and the brushstroke. The artist uses oil crayons and paintbrushes to construct the image on a sheet of perspex, a process of wiping is used to create density of colour and variation in texture. The perspex is then put through a flat bed rolling press much in the same way as an etching but at a lower pressure, thus preserving all the original detail. The transferring of the image from perspex to paper cannot be repeated without repainting. The monotype is this a spontaneous medium, retaining the element of creative surprise. It is a discipline that has always appealed to artists because of its relative simplicity and variety of effects.”