Salvador Dali - Tienta en Espana


Original Granolithograph and embossing, 1983, on Rives watermarked paper, signed by the artist in the stone (not by hand), titled and dated 1960. Publishers text verso : a printed piece showing the copyright of Salvador Dali and S.P.A.D.E.M (Paris)

Size: 639 x 857 mms (Image size); 735 x 947 mms (Paper size)

Note: Dali had made a an original etching after a watercolour in 1960 entitled “Tienta en Espana” (Descharnes, page 360). After this he made a composition in Drypoint from 2 coppers which were printed by Atelier Leblanc. The edition was made in a total edition of 300 hand signed and numbered copies on two different papers. Our work is from a later Granoithograph made in 1983. This, unlike the previous, shows the printed signature, date and title.

Edition: Unknown size

Published by: Senans, Berne

Printed by: Matthieu, Dielsdorf, Zurich, Switzerland

Literature: Field (Page 233) States that these are authentic prints which Dali did not sign. Charles Sahli “Salvador Dali 257 Editions Originals, 1964 - 1985” No 52