Salvador Dali - Study for the sculpture Mercurio


Original drawing, in black crayon, 1975 , Signed by “Dali” , lower right

Size: 40 x 54 cms

Authentification: A certificate from the Internationally recognised Salvador Dali expert, Nicholas Descharnes, will accompany this work. It is at present in course of preparation.

Literature: “Memoria de los sueños: Salvador Dali, 1904 - 1989” by Francesca Miralles y Arnau Puig. Published in 2001 being a catalogue of the Dali exhibition held at Alicante which consisted of numerous drawings, Oils, sculptures and other objets relating to the artist.


The Private Collection of Mr Enrique Sabater (Born 1936) . This gentleman was the artists’s controversial Financial Manager and private secretary (1974 - 1981) The onetime soccer player repeatedly denied any suggestion that he had done anything other than fairly represent Dali. But his extravagant life style and apparently bottomless income aroused a number of pointed questions in the Spanish and French press and elsewhere about his business affairs. He certainly had a large collection of Original Dali art from which this item comes.

Exhibitions: 2001 : Alicante - “Memoria de los sueños: Salvador Dali, 1904 - 1989”

Note: This large-size drawing was a study for the sculpture “Mercury” or “Hermes”. The sculpture was made in a Limited Edition of 8 examples in patinated bronze measuring 246 x 193 x 73 cms. An example of the sculpture is at the seaside promenade , Pasco del Mar in Marbella. Another example is at the Real Circle Artistico in Barcelona. The bronze is illustrated in “Dali: The Hard and the Soft” by Nicolas and Roibert Descharnes on page 180 and the catalogue reference number is 453.