Salvador Dali - Nu aux violettes


Original Drypoint Etchings with stencil, in colours, 1973, on Japan paper, signed by the artist in pencil.

Note: This was part of a suite entitled “Visions de Quevedo” or “Dalinian Fantasy”. It consisted of 6 original etchings entitled:

A (Violet) Cheval en rose (Rose coloured horse) or “Stallion of dreams”

B (Green) Silhouette en vert or “Mother and Child”

C (Red) Figure rouge avec portrait de Quevedo

D (Orange) Paysage avec squelette (Landscape with skeleton)

E (White) Nu auc violettes (Nude with veils)

F (Yellow) Hommage a Quevedo

Masque de la morte

\Dali himself never gave titles to these prints and it is not known who did

Size: 657 x 500 mms (Paper size), 368 x 528 mms (Plate size)

Printer: Ateliers Rigal

Published by: Jean Paul Loup

Edition: EA

There was a total edition of 700 proofs on different papers: Richard de Bas, Arches and Japan.

Provenance/Authenticity: These come from the private collection of Denise Rigal who published them in 1973. She has annotated and signed these verso confirming authenticity.

References: Albert Field (“The Official Catalogue of the Graphic works of Salvador Dali “) Reference: 75-5 - E, page 103 ; Michler-Lopsinger - (Catalogue Raisonne of etchings & Mixed Media prints, 1924 - 1980) : Number 768