Salvador Dali - Les Panaches panaches


Photolithograph, 1977, of ornate edible creation plus a separarate engraving “La cuiliere aux bequilles” (Spoon on crutches), on Rives paper, signed by the artist in pencil.

Published by: Jean Lavigne

Size: 480 x 570 mms (sheet size)

Note: This was published in a portfolio of 123 Photolithographs entitled “Les Diners de Gala”. They can all be described as original prints due to the accompanying etching beneath the main image. The works illustrate fantastic culinary products and were originally accompanied by a cookery book explaining the amazing recipes. The complete portfolio is described as follows:

L’Atrivism (Atrivism) -  Michler & Lopsinger 1333 (Pages 143)   /Field 77-5 H (Page 78/79)

Les Cannibalismes de l’automne (Autumn Cannibalism) - M&L 1334/ Field 77-5 B (Page 78/79)

Les Montres Molles 1/2 Sommeil (Soft watches half asleep) - M&L 1335/Field 77-5 L (Page 78/79)

Les Chairs monarchies (Monarchial flesh tones) - M&L 1336/Field 77-5 G (Page 78/79)

Les “Je mange Gala” (The I eat Gala) - M&L 1337/Field 77-5 I (Page 78/79)

Les Spoutniks astiques d’asticots statistiques (Sputnicks, Polished by Statistical maggots - M&L 1338 /Field 77-5 E (Page 78/79)

Les Pios noinoches (Nocturnal cravings) - M&L 1339/Field 77-5 J (Page 78/79)

Les Panaches panaches (Variegated Plumes) - M&L 1340/Field 77-5 F (Page 78/79)

Les Delicases petits martyrs (Little martyr delights) - M&L 1341 /Field 77-5 K (Page 78/79)

Les Caprices pinces princiers (Princely pliers caprices) - M&L 1342/Field 77-5 A (Page 78/79)

Les Entre-Plats sodomises (Sodomised entres) - M&L 1343/Field 77-5 D (Page 78/79)

Les Supremes de malaises Lilliputiens (Supfremes of Lilliputian Malasises) - M&L1344/ Field 77-C H (Page 78/79)

Reference: Michler and Lopsinger: “Catalogue Raisonne of Prints II” Number 1340 ; Albert Field: “The Official Catalog of the Graphic works of Salvador Dali” 77-5F ; Bruce Hochman “Print Price Guide to the Graphic works of Salvador Dali” 2014 edition 1977.10 - price at US$7250