Salvador Dali - Le Colosse


Original Drypoint Etching with aquatint in colours, on Arches France watermarked paper, 1972,   signed by the artist in pencil.

Note: This subject comes from the portfolio “Aurelia” it consisted of 4 works in total.

1) Visage Surrealiste - Prestel 562 (Page 207) /Field 72- 5 A (Page 72)

2) Memorabilia (Memorabilia) - Prestel 563 (Page 207) /Field 72- 5 C (Page 72)

3) L’Ange de melancholie - (The angel of melancholy)- Prestel 564 (Page 207)/Field 72- 5 D (Page 72)
4) Le Colosse (The Collosus) - Prestel 565 /Field 72- 5 B (Page 72)

Dali drew his inspiration for these etchings from Gerard de Nerval’s halluciatory “Aurelia ou le reve et la vie” (1855). In this famous work The text superimposes three quests - that of the woman he loved and lost, of forgiveness and the meaning of dreams - through a plethora of myths and beliefs.

See also: Bruce Hochman “Print Price Guide to the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali” page 102 - Valued at US$14,000

Edition: EA - This was printed on a number of different papers.

  1. a)175 on Arches paper
  2. b)100 on Auvergne
  3. c) I - XXV on Japanese paper
  4. d)70 of various states

Published by: Editions d’Art de Francony, France

Printed by: Ateliers Rigal, Paris, France

Provenance/Authenticity: This comes from the Private collection of Madame Denise Rigal who was the printer of the portfolio. Verso is signed in pencil “Epreuve faisant partie de notre collection”. It is harder to consider a better provenance!

Size: Paper size 760 x 560 mms ; Image size 575 x 370 mms