Salvador Dali - L' Aigle


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The Eagle

Original pen and ink drawing, dedicated "Pour l'Aigle / de / PORT Lligat", signed by the artist in pen, “Dali” on the reverse of a photograph

Authentication: pending

Provenance: This comes from the Estate sale of the noted photographer Richard de Grab whose illustrious career allows him to photographs many of the important artists of the 20th century,

Note: It was in 1930 that Dali set ups home in a small fishermans hut in Port Lligat and over the next 40 years expanded his dwelling place by acquring further huts. Today the site has become a Salvador Museum. Amongst the extraordinary (and surrealist) items included in this museum , situated in the library, is a brown wooden wardrobe surmounted by a cover of yellow dried flowers. Atop these flower is a stuffed eagle with its wings outstretched and our drawing is probably a reference to this item. The drawing shows a stationary eagle in the sky above the famous rocky crags of the town with the sea in the background.

The reverse drawing has been done on a surrealist photograph. This depicts a nude model lying on a cover on the grass. Dali leans over her touching her leg and arm. On her stomach a black large cross has been drawn and a similar crooks can be seen on the artists back. Who is the model? What is the significance of the scene? We are unaware. It all, doubtless, fits into Dali’s surrealistic credo.

Size: 50 x 40 cm