Salvador Dali - Gala Gravida


Original multiple patinated bronze multiple sculpture, circa 1970, signed by the artist in the bronze,

Size: 340 mms (h) x 20 cms (w) - Height with base: 375 mms

Authenticity: We have with this piece a certificate of authenticity from Diejasa Reference 34 036 08 811 - ARIN 8591 ANX

Literature: See “Sculptures and objects : Dali - the Hard and the Soft - by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes. Pages 179 - Reference 430

Note: Dali must have read Gravida: a novel by the German author Withelm Jensen. The psychologist Sigmund Feud wrote about its fictional character. “Gravida” is one of the many names Dali called his wife, Gala, who he had first met in 1929. “When walking” commuted Freud, “she pulled up her ample clothing to let her feet and sandals be seen, letting one foot rest entirely on the earth while the other, was supported on the toes, the heel and arches almost perpendicular to the earth. It was this step, not very banal and with a particular chain, that the artist, Harold (main character of the novel), wanted to capture in his sculpted work.

Published by : Diejasa, Editor

Edition: 650 - Editioned in the bronze.

Public Collections: Port Lligat Collection of Salvador Dali sculptures

Other editions were made of different sizes.