Salvador Dali - Cranes Mous et Harpe Cranienne


Limp Cranes and Cranian Harp

Original etching, 1935, printed in black ink, an unsigned (as normal) impression, on unwatermarked paper.

Size: Plate size 368 x 300 mms ; Paper size 480 x 375 mms

Note: In 1934 Salvador Dali’s illustrations for “Les Chants de Madidoror” were published by Albert Skirra (1904 - 1973). Skira only a few years earlier, had helped Roger Lacourier, a Master Printmaker, establish a workshop, Atelier Lacourier, in the Montmartre area of Paris. The individual prints Dali executed in the 1930s, made predominately at the workshop of Roger Lacourière, were experiments in intaglio and were never published as editions. Limp Cranes and "Cranian" Harp, composed as an accumulation of sketches, juxtaposes an array of Dali's quintessential motifs—soft watches, mutating shoes, and the stretched harp and deformed skulls referred to in the title. The harp and skull were, for Dali, evocative of melancholy and death. He claimed that his particular obsession with skull imagery was rooted in a childhood memory of encountering an encephalitic whose skull had been deformed by disease.

It is our understanding that this work was never actually published, but that a number of impressions were pulled; some estimate the number to be 10 or less. New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) owns one such example, and on their webbsite, they estimate the number of extant specimens at six (“6 known proofs”)

Condition: Ligthtly toned, with minor creases - far from images, otherwise in good condition

Printed by: Roger Lacourierr, Paris


1) Michler & Lopsinger “Catalogue Raisonee of the etchings and Mixed Media Prints” - Number 56.

2) Bruce Hochman: “Print Price Guide to the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali” 1935.2 (Priced at US$45,000)

3) The Official Catalogue of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali: This forthcoming publication will include this piece under reference OI 35-2

Public Collections:

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York -

The Dali Museum, St Petersburg, Florida

Condition: In very good condition with light toning.

Provenance: 23/10/2019 Matsart Auction, Jerusalem, Israel , Lot 0034 (As then uncertified)

Certification: We have a certificate from Frank Hunter of the Salvador Dali Archives Ltd dated 19th February 2020. He has also signed and dated the verso of our print in pencil to authenticate it besides planning a unique reference number at the lower left, verso, corner. This is sold with the piece.