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Pablo Picasso - Visage


Oval Medallion, an original ceramic made of red earthenware clay, 1954, verso: “MADOURA Empreinte, Originals, PICASSO, incised stamp. I.119 and numbered in ink (The workshop numbering) .

Edition: 500 - Conceived in 1954 and executed in a numbered edition of 500

References: Alain Ramie: “Picasso: Catalogue of the edited ceramic works 1947 - 1971” number 243

Note: In July 1946 Picasso was living in the South of France and decided to visit the annual potters exhibition in the town of Vallauris. At the Madoura vPottery workshop he was welcomed by Suzanne and Georges Ramie who provided him with fresh clay and a space at their workshop. He made 2 small ceramics. A year later he returned to the workshop to find his pieces nicely fires and looking good! Inspired he set to work cresting more. Picasso continued to make ceramics until 1971, two years before he died. Besides the original unique works there were over 600 edited pieces made - a considerable part of his total editioned output. They are all whimsical and jolly - made with both an artistic and humorous input.

Size: Oval shape 5.7 x 4.5 cms - Housed in a small perspex box 9 x 11 cms

Condition: In excellent condition after professional cleaning.