Pablo Picasso - Toros en Vallauris 59


Bulls in Vallauris, 1959

Original Linocut, Cannes - July 1959, printed in reddish brown from one block, on velin Arches paper, signed by the artist in pencil. The edition published.

Size : 30 3/8 in x 22 1/8 in (77.2 cm x 56.2 cm)

Edition: 190 - There were also 25 artists proofs and 25 Hors Commerce proofs. 5 more impressions were made in 1963/4 printed in cream white then washed in black India ink and rinsed so that the liens became black, on Arches wove.


This is part of the series of Linocut posters Picasso made for the abba exhibition of ceramics in Vallauris. It announces the 1959 Vallauris Exhibition and focuses on multiple aspects of the fair: the people, bullfights, and ambiance. The elements are simple - whimsical, blocked white font against a rich, brown background. Simply conceived, boldly executed, this poster is a wonderful example of Picasso's eloquent handling of linocut, a medium that other artists often find difficult and clumsy, but one in which Picasso excelled.

Printed by: Arnera Vallauris, France

Published by: The Associationdes payers de Vallauris


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