Pablo Picasso - Tete du Mousquetaire


Original drawing in pen and ink, 28/8/1969, signed by the the artist and dedicated to Lucien Verger . The work is drawn on the back page of a catalogue of the Galerie Louise Leiris (now detached). This Gallery, owned by Kahnweiller, was one of the main Paris Galleries selling Picasso’s works.

Size: cm. 165 x 165 mms

Authentification: We have a certificate from Maya Picasso dated 29/12/1995 in Paris which authenticates this item.

Notes:   The surname of the dedicee was originally written with the letter with the letter B but Picasso, or another hand, altered it to a V ,making the name correct : Verger. Lucien and his familly were friends of Picasso and attended the Corrida (Bullfights) with him. There exist a number of photographs, books and prints all dedicated to Lucien showing the amity between the two men.

Provenance: Private Collection Barcelona, Spain.