Pablo Picasso - Tete de chèvre de profil


Goats head in profile

Oblong Dish, 5/6/.1952, white earthenware clay, decoration in engobes, on partial brushed glaze, Mat, Blue, Green, Ivory, Black

Ramié, Alain.(AR) 1988. Picasso: catalogue de l'oeuvre céramique édité 1947-1971.

Vallauris: Galerie Madoura - AR 145 (page 80)

Manufactured by: Madoura Potteries, France

Provenance: Private European Collection

Size: 310 x 510 mms

Edition:   Executed in an edition of 250. These were never numbered.

Note: Tête de chèvre de profil (Goat’s Head in Profile), 1952 is a playful and exuberant work of art that highlights Picasso’s capability as a well-rounded artist. Using lines, circles, and earthy colours, he showcases a goat’s head in profile. This work takes its viewers on a journey of sensation as we plunge into the crevices of the ridges that give texture to the coating of the plate. The sensation attributes to the liveliness of the goat as we can almost feel and touch it. Moving from the goat’s profile, we see heavy uses of blue dots outlining the head, reaching out towards the perimeter of the plate. These embellishments can be described as eccentric and imaginative—all of which perfectly designate Picasso as a prolific artist. Electric green, rustic blue, and tranquil beige are all a part of the colour palette that bring out all the intricate details and accents. This work encapsulates the mastery of him as an experimenter and innovator. Taking us on a whimsical journey through the sensation of touch and colour, this outstanding work embodies Picasso’s ingenious artistic talents.