Pablo Picasso - Pour son 80eme anniversaire


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Pour son 80eme anniversaire, Pablo Picasso recevra L’hommage de Vallauris, cite des potiers

Medium : Vintage Silver Gelatin print, 1961, verso is a stamp of A F P Agence France-Press. A label is attatched which reads “Le 28 et le 29 Octobre, la ville de Vallauris (Alpes-Maritimes), Cite des potiers, rendra un hommage officiel au grand peintre Pablo Picasso a l’occasion de son 80eme anniversaire. NPM: Pablo Picasso et sa femme Jacqueline dans leur villa de Cannes, ouvrent avec curiosite une boite qu’ils viennent de recevoir d’un ami” 22/10/1961”

Size: 127 x 180 mms

Note: This photograph is remarkably similar to another one we have by Andre Villers and is possibly also by that photographer. It shows Picasso and his wife opening a gift from a friend. In both shots the parties wear the same clothes and the background furniture and ornaments are also the same. Picasso sits in the same chair and Jacqueline kneels on the floor beside him. In this phograph we see more of the sitter next to Picasso - a woman who has handed him the small box that he and Jacqueline are engaged in opening.