Pablo Picasso - Petit Fille (decoupage)


Découpage, double-sided pencil drawing on brownish light card Framed under glass resp. acrylic glass (double-sided)

Size: cm. 110 x 85 mms

Provenance Documents:

Collection label: Marie-Therese Walter. Marie-Therese was the long term mistress of the artist whose portraits dominated his works during the 1920’s and 1930”s. After they separated Picasso maintained a good relationship with both her and their daughter, Maya

Label Galeria Joan Prats , Barcelona: There was a famous exhibition of Picasso’s works held at this Gallery in 1977 and our drawing was exhibited in this show. This work was sold to a Sr Don Gian Piero De Andreis by invoice dated 26/5/1977. The buyer obtains this document.

Galerie Jan Krugier Geneva: Verso Label This is dated XII/73 and refers to an exhibition in the Gallery, “Une Collection Picasso”, at which our drawing was number 82 . Krugier was the first Gallerist to stage an exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work following the artist’s death in 1973 and our piece came from this show. Krugier's association with the Picasso family began shortly after the artist's funeral in 1973, when Krugier was telephoned by Picasso's long-term mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter. Through his links to the French government – his brother-in-law was minister of the interior – Krugier was able to assist her with the treatment of Pablito Picasso, the artist's impoverished grandson, who lay dying in hospital after swallowing bleach in what proved to be a successful attempt at suicide. When Marie-Thérèse Walter called again to thank Krugier for his efforts, she said that she trusted him and asked him to take charge of her Picasso collection. In 1976 Pablito's sister Marina, who had inherited a share of her grandfather's estate, also approached Krugier for advice and to act as her exclusive agent in handling what was one of the largest collection of Picassos in the world. Once the French government had taken its pick of Picasso's pictures in lieu of inheritance taxes, Marina Picasso – the artist's eldest surviving legitimate descendant – asked Krugier and his wife, Marie-Anne Poniatowska (a descendant of the last king of Poland), to make a large selection of her grandfather's work on her behalf, and to advise which to keep and which to sell.

Literature: Picasso catalogue by J. Palaui Fabre , Gallery Joan Prats, Barcelona 1977, p. 13. Galerie Jan Krugier Geneve 1973 - The work is illustrated in this catalogue. The buyer acquires a copy of this volume.

Authentication: We have a letter from the Picasso Authentification (Mr Claude Ruiz Picasso) enclosing a certificate of Authenticity for this item which is dated 20th July 2017. The buyer acquires this certificate.

Notes: The drawing shows a small girl in a skirt, with chubby legs with right arm oustretched, waving. It is cut from a larger piece of paper and folded over so that the back is visible through a double-sided frame. This shows the back of the girl.

Picasso created this as part of a series of works for his daughter, Maya , the daughter of Marie-Therese Walter, when she was between two and five years old (between 1937 and 1940) and is almost certainly a portrait of the small girl. None of these drawings were ever signed. The genre was that of minimalism but it was designed to please his daughter . Picasso gloried in child-like representations many examples of which can be found in his art. There are many representations of the infant “Maya” to be found in Picasso’s art. The image is a familiar one. Maya, now an elderly lady, lives in Paris today. For many years she identified and certified her late fathers works,

Public Exhibitions: The Lightbox Museum, Woking, England. This features in their show “Picasso: Paper and Clay” (14th April 2018 - 27th June 2018). This has been loaned to the Museum by Fairhead Fine Art Limited together with 18 other works by Picasso,