Pablo Picasso - Le Vieux Roi


Seigneur et deux filles

Original Lithograph, Cannes 6/1/1959, on Arches watermarked paper with Mourlot watermark, signed by the artist with a blue crayon


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Edition:  124/200. There was also an edition of 1000, on a thin Arches paper, with a red stamped signature.,

Size:  64.9 ×4 9.7cm Sheet: 77.0 × 56.7cm

Public Collections: Saarlandmuseum, Saarbrücke. Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz

Note: In the aftermath of the Second World War Picasso joined the Communist Party and was active in promoting its activities through his art. The Newspaper “Le Patriot” was a supporter of this ideology and Picasso made a number of lithographs and Linocuts which were published by this organisation amongst which was our work - the Old King. This was sold to raise finds for the communist party.

Perhaps this work has a semi autobiographical streak to it. Creating this work at the age of 78, Picasso was then married to Jacqueline Roque who was nearly half his age and Picasso continued to enjoy great fame and success as an artist. The image is a clear reflection of Picasso’s awareness of his status even as an aging artist.

Published by: The Newspaper, Le Patriot, Nice, France.