Pablo Picasso - Le Vieux Roi


Seigneur et deux filles

Medium: Original Lithograph, Cannes 6/1/1959 , on Arches light paper with Mourlot watermark, signed by the artist with a red printed signature.


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Edition: From the unsigned edition of 1000. There was also an edition on heavier paper signed b y the artist in blue crayon.  

Size: Image size: 64.8 x 49.5 cms ; Paper size 56 x 76.5 cms

Public Collections: Saarlandmuseum, Saarbrücken. Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz

Note: In the aftermath of the Second World War Picasso joined the communist party and was active in promoting its activities through his art. The Newspaper “Le Patriot” was a supporter of this ideology and Picasso made a number of lithographs and Linocuts which were published by this organisation amongst which was our work - the Old King. This was sold to raise finds for the communist party

Published by: The Newspaper, Le Patriot, Nice, France.