Pablo Picasso - Le Danseur, Tête d’Histrion


Original Linocut, Mouguins, May 1965, on Arches watermarked paper, Printed in 2 colours (Black & Light brown from one block). Signed by the artist in pencil.


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Published by: Galerie Louise Leiris, 1963

Printed by: Arnera, Vallauris , France

Size: 750 x 620 mms (Paper size) ; 635 x 530 mms (Image size)

Edition: 200. There were also 2 signed and annotated Artists proofs and 40 additional artists proofs some of which were signed.

Note: Depicting the portrait of an actor one can only presume who the artist is illustrating by the title, ‘Tete d’Histrion’. Rather than creating the facial features with an outlined form, Picasso creates the form from within. Shapes overlap and intersect to create various textures, highlights, and shadows of the face. Using a dark brown as the highlight to an otherwise black scene, the viewer is drawn in to the image through the use of dark tones.

Condition: In good condition

Provenance: French Art Collection.