Pablo Picasso - Honore de Balzac


Author: Honore de Balzac

Title: Le Pere Goriot 

Novel: With an Original Lithograph frontispiece by Pablo Picasso, 11/251952, signed by the artist in the stone (Not by hand) and dated)

Publisher: Andre Sauret, Editeur, Paris 1952

Printed by : Mourlot Freres, Paris

Edition: 300 examples on Grand Velin D’Arches

3000 impressions on Velin Papeteries Arches - 100 hors commerce impressions (This book: 280)

Note:  Andre Sauret of the Imprimerie Nationale published important collections of novels in bibliophile editions. He was also the publisher of Fernand Mourlot’s catalogue “Picasso Lithographs”,


George Bloch “Tome 1, Picasso Catalogue de l’oeuvre grave et lithographie (1904 - 1967) No: 714

The Picasso Project: The Lithographic Work, Volume II 1949-1969 - Number 216

Mourlot Sale, 2003 No 215

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