Pablo Picasso - Foulard pour le Festival Mondial


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Foulard pour le Festival Mondial de la Jeunesse et des Etudiants pour la Paix (Berlin)

Silk Scarf printed with silkscreen, in Black, red, blue, yellow and white, signed in the print

Edition: Unknown size

Note:  In the course of a long career we have seen many Picasso scarves but never of this design before. It must, therefore, be rather rare. The prototype is the “Berlin” scarf which was made for the “Festival Mondial de la Jeuness et des Etudiants pour la Paix, Berlin, 1951”. This exhibited the same basic design as ours with a text around the perimeter. There was another scarf made for the same Festival but at Vienna in 1952. This is much rarer than the Berlin version and in our career we have seen two of those. This present scarf is signed “Picasso” but has no perimeter text. It may have been used for the two above mentioned Festivals or, for another new event. Both linen and silk scarves are known for Berlin and Vienna. Generally they tend to be of a smaller format such as our present example. Silk scarves are much rarer than linen ones and, presumably, cost more when first made.

Picasso was heavily involved in the Peace Movement in the aftermath of the Second World War and a number of works were published with his permission and co-operation “after” original drawings and paintings some of which he had already donated to the movement to help raise funds. Doubtless many were

made but few have survived to this day and fewer still have survived in this excellent quality and condition. The Berlin work served to accompany the magisterial exhibition of Picasso’s works exhibited at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool, in 2010. The theme of the exhibition was the artists involvement with the Peace Movement in the immediate post war period. The Dove of Peace was an invention by Picasso which became the badge of this movement and that image figures in the centre of our scarf. A similar piece was exhibited at the Tate Liverpool and it is illustrated in the catalogue on page 124 on reference number 53 (Provenance : Musee d’Arte et d’Histoire, Saint Dennis). Alongside it can be seen other Picasso works which illustrated the same Dove symbol.


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L’Humanite - “Picasso, 145 dessins pour la presse et les organisations démocratiques” - Illustrated on the front cover. The book deals with the artist’s involvement with the Peace Movement.

Public Collections:

Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Saint-Denis.

Musee Picasso, Antibes.

Size: 750 x 750 mms