Pablo Picasso - Chouette Mate


Turned vase, 1958, white earthenware clay, decoration in engobes, knife engraved. Glaze inside. red and black

Size: H 30 cms, w 20.5 cms

Reference: Alain Ramié, Picasso: Catalogue of the Edited Ceramic Works 1947 - 1971, Galerie Madoura, 1988, reproduced page 213, catalogue #405

Bloch 36

Edition:  200

Created by: Madoura Potteries, Vallauris, France

Note: Pablo Picasso ceramic Choutte Mate (Mat Wood-Owl), 1958 is a charming rendition from the artist’s ceramic oeuvre. Given the limited number of Picasso’s ceramic works, it is quite meaningful that the artist devoted much of his time depicting his favorite animals. This delicate vase inhabits qualities of whimsy and playfulness that Picasso is known for. Colored in a beautiful red, the owl stands out in any room. Painterly, black lines are used to portray the owl’s unique features. The owl’s round eyes are encased within two rectangles while the artist uses triangles to convey its wings and chest. Delicate white lines give the impression of features.