Pablo Picasso - Automobile


Original drawing in blue biro, Mouguins, 6/12/1962 & 8/12/1962, signed by the artist Recto (below right) and signed and dated by the artist verso “Picasso 8.12.62 and dedicated “de la part de Monsieur Picasso, Mouguins, le 6.XII.62

Size: 9 x 21 cms

Authenticity: This is certified as genuine by Claude Picasso, the artists son

Provenance: The work came inside an envelope the front of which is hand written “Attestation: Ce petit design d’une automobile est l’oeuvre de Picasso - execute a mon intention et devant moi - l’airoport de Nice (6/8 12 62)

The envelope Is addressed (On the flap verso) “Pierre Le Bas, Villa “La Segurane, 7 avenue Jean de la Fontaine, 06100, Nice.

Note: We have been unable to ascertain exactly who Monsieur Pierre Le Bas was: the man who commissioned the drawing and had it made in front of him. The work is very similar to many drawings which Picasso made at that time for children and fits into that broad category of work.

Condition: Repaired tear. Minor folds and creases