Michael Delon - Salvador Dali at the Plaza Hotel, New York


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Vintage Silver Gelatin prints, circa 1980, signed by Michael Delon, a later impression

Size: 135 x 180, 224 x 220, 254 x 225, 280 x 220, 340 x 280, 250 x 216 mms

Note 1:  Dali is portrayed at the Plaza Hotel in New York in the beautiful Palm Court Dining Area. He is resting his arm on the grand piano and holding up his walking stick with his other arm against his face. The historic Plaza Hotel with its castle-like exterior has recently completed a 100 million dollar remodel. It was originally opened in 1907. It was owned by many notable people - more recently including Donald Trump.

Note 2: The distinguished journalist and photographer Delon is now working on a book which is on all of the famous people he interviewed over the years including Dali. Michael Delon knew Salvador Dali throughout the 1970s, when he first began his professional journalism career. He did many interviews during that time period in the course of which he photographed Dalí at the celebrated Plaza Hotel in New York. Some of these interviews were for Oui magazine (then owned by Hugh Hefner of Playboy Publications) and these were published in the November 1978 issue. Over the years Michael Delon has gone on to interview several US Presidents, Nobel Prize Laureates, movie stars and sports figures. Michael's interviews have appeared in such well-known publications as USA TODAY, The Times, MD magazine, Success magazine, and also in the British Film Journal in London. He has enjoyed a distinguished career.