Marc Chagall - Les Amoureux au Soleil Rouge


The Lovers with the red sun

 Original lithograph, in colours, 1960, on Arches paper, signed by the artist in pencil

Edition:   /40

Reference: Mourlot 285

Patrick Cramer “Marc Chagall The Illustrated books” Number 43

Note: In 1960 The Masterprinter, Fernand Moujrlot, published volume 1 of the Catalogue Raisonee of the Lithographs of Marc Chagall. The book included, bound within the text, 14 Original Lithographs. In addition to this a larger Lithograph was used to make the front and back covers of the work. Chagall made additional copies of these Lithographs on better paper with wide margins, signed and numbered in editions of 40. It is from this group that our example comes

Published by: Fernand Mourlot, Paris

Printed by: Fernand Mourlot, Paris

Size: 477 x 325 mms

Collections: Charles Sorlier, Paris

Condition: In very good condition.