Marc Chagall - Le Bouquet au coq rouge pour Vava


Original drawing, Chine ink and pastel on paper, circa 1970, signed by the artist “Marc C” 16/4 pour Vava” signed also in Cyrillic script

Size: 24.2 x 16 cms, 9 ⅝” x 6 ⅜” Inches

Provenance: The Atelier of the artist and thence by decent to the last owner.

Authentication: A certificate from the Comite Chagall will accompany this drawing.

Note: The drawing is dedicated to “Vava”. Marc Chagall and Valentina Brodsky (1905-1993), who was a native of Kiev, Ukraine, known as Vava, found each other after the death of Chagall's first wife, Bella, in 1944. They met in the spring of 1952 and married that same year. In Vava, Chagall met a warm, beautiful and educated woman, who was herself an art historian and spoke a number of languages. Vava had a positive influence on Chagall's work in various ways - she was an inspiration and manager for the artist, who had long since achieved international fame at that point. "Vava" was the driving force behind the artist's prolific work in his later years. She particularly encouraged his design of stained glass windows for many churches and cathedrals during the period between their marriage in 1952 and his death 33 years later.

Farmyard scenes are a recurring feature of the artists oeuvre and a chicken is commonly found in a domestic setting.

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