Marc Chagall - L’artiste au bouquet rose pour Jean Dagron


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The artist with a red bouquet for Jean Dagron

Original drawing in Indian Ink and green, red and blue pastel,  1950,  signed by the artist and inscribed :"A Jean Dagzon, Meilleurs Souvenirs, 1950, Vence"

Size: 24.2 x 18.8 cms


Pridhams Auction, Ottawa, Canada - 11th April 2021 : “Marc Chagall and his Contemporaries” - Lot 18.

The preface to the catalogue reads as follows: The Joseph Liverant Estate, Ottawa, Canada. Joseph Liverant fled from Germany to take up residence in Canada at the time of the Second World War. After the war he purchased a residence in Beaulieu-sur-Mer close to St Paul de Vence where Marc Chagall lived. He and the artist became good friends and their warm relationship is evident in the numerous extant dedications on Lithographs, posters and books. After Joseph’s death the estate finally passed to his stepson, Felix Quinet who donated many works to The National Gallery of Canada. Upon his passing there was an Estate sale from which this item comes. It was sold together with numerous other works by Chagall many of which were dedicated to Joseph Liverant. A declaration from the family of the deceased stated that they believed all the works in the collection to have been acquired from excellent sources or from the artist himself.

Note: Jean Dagron was an Art Critic who wrote for the Nice-Matin newspaper. He was asked to write the preface for the Catalogue of the 1952 Chagall exhibition in Galerie des Pochettes, Nice. We have seen another drawing which passed through Sothebys dedicated to Jean Dagron by Chagall and inscribed “avec toute ma reconnaissance pour son aide amicable dans l'organisation de mon exposition et pour sa préface subtile et sympathique”. In the same sale where we bought this drawing was a poster advertising a Chagall exhibition in the Galerie des Ponchettes dedicated by Chagall to Joseph Liverant. It seems possible that all three men were in the same social circle.

Authenticity: The drawing was authenticated at a meeting of the Comite Chagall on the 1st June 2021 and confirmed by certificate number 2021030